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Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Tüttelmann - the only professor of reproductive genetics in Germany so far - our research is focussing on the genetic causes of male infertility.

Infertility is defined as the absence of a clinical pregnancy after one year of unprotected, regular, sexual intercourse. Worldwide, 10-15% of all couples seeking parenthood are affected, making infertility a widespread problem similar to other common diseases such as diabetes. However, only very few genetic causes of infertility are known for men to date, underlining the necessity of further research within this field. More findings and broader knowledge will allow for better counselling of couples, more precise risk estimates, and evidence-based treatment decisions. For this purpose, we can rely on the MERGE cohort (Male Reproductive Genomics), an exome data collection of more than 900 men.

Moreover, we are part of the DFG-funded clinical research group 'Male Germ Cells: from Genes to Function' (CRU326) to pursue our goals most efficiently. Within this multidisciplinary scientific network - with a total of 11 projects - we aim to double the number of known genetic causes for male infertility by 2023. We further plan to broaden and deepen the general understanding of male germ cells. Moreover, Prof. Frank Tüttelmann acts as the coordinator of this research group. You can learn more about our current projects, our cooperation partners, recent publications, and our teaching offers at the WWU Münster on the following pages.

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